When Does It Open?

Whoa-Horsie.com is in development. There are no invitation keys going out until it's opened to the public. Our tentative BETA date is November 25th, 2012. All BETA accounts will be removed when the game officially opens and a select number of BETA testers will be given invitation keys to return and play Whoa-Horsie.com.

Why Is Whoa-Horsie Invitation Only?

To keep the member base to those people who really want to play we have decided to make Whoa-Horsie.com invitation only. Initially 25 invitation keys will be sent out to members on our other design1online.com, LLC games and a select number of BETA testers. Each new member gets an invitation key they can send to a friend. Additionally you'll have a chance to find, buy/sell, and trade invitation keys to other members.

Sneak Peeks

On the horse customization screen you'll pick your coat color, body markings, face markings, leg markings as well as your mane, tail and hoof colors. Once you have a horse you can join a herd and start exploring the range.