Terms & Conditions

In General

  1. Do not give out your game login. Loss of data from your accounts as a result of giving out your login will not be returned to you. whoa-horsie.com staff will never ask for your login information, only your account number or the email address you used to join.
  2. Multiple reports of a single person being rude, unkind, cheating, stealing, or lying can be removed from the game or have certain areas of their account blocked or suspended without prior warning.
  3. Cheating will result in your account being deleted without notice.
  4. whoa-horsie.com is not responsible for any loss of game data, account data or information uploaded and/or posted on an account as a result of game errors, malfunctions, programming errors, or server problems.
  5. Any persons may be kicked, banned, blocked, or completely removed from the game for behaving inappropriately (cussing, slander, deprivation of character, cheating, stealing, being rude, lying, harassment, threats, fighting, name calling), not complying with these terms and conditions, or posting illegal/copyrighted materials. This includes persons whom may have paid or still pay to use whoa-horsie.com.

Copyright Infringment

  1. Linking, posting or uploading copyrighted material without permission is illegal and forbidden. Please ask permission from the copyright owner before posting or uploading any copyrighted material on whoa-horsie.com. If you would like to report a copyright violation please admin@whoa-horsie.com and it will be removed.
  2. If necessary whoa-horsie.com will comply with law enforcement and legal entities in disclosing account information for persons who have violated copyright laws.

Widgets, Applets, Pictures and Hyperlinks

  1. May not be obscene, vulgar, sexual, or contain cuss words. They many not reference or depict sex, drugs, violence, smoking or alcohol.
  2. You may not post music with lyrics or sounds sexual in connotation or that contain cussing, promote violence, drugs, smoking or alcohol.

Message, Text, CSS & HTML

  1. May not contain harmful devices, redirects, or viruses that may damange whoa-horsie.com servers, software or applications.
  2. Asking other members for personal information is unsafe and we strongly reccommend minors do not give out this information. This includes address, phone number, full name, school, email, local landmarks, or photos.

I. General

By using this site in any way shape or form you agree that you are legally bound by these terms and conditions. Any changes made are effective immediately. Using the site after these alterations signifies your acceptance and agreement to any or all modifications to these terms and the rules above.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless whoa-horsie.com and all associated, as well as defend them from all losses, expenses, damages or costs, including and not limited to attorney fees, court fees, travel fees, repair fees and profit loss as a result of violation of these terms or rules by you. whoa-horsie.com holds the right to assume all aspects of any subject matter related to, but not limited to, your violating indemnification, by which you agree to cooperate and expend all accessible defenses.

These terms and conditions contain the contract between you and whoa-horsie.com, a game by design1online.com, and supersede any previous agreements with the parties related to the subject matter shown here. Modifications to this contract can only be made with written consent from whoa-horsie.com. If any provision or provisions are found illegal or unenforceable they will be cut and the modified terms will remain wholly effective. This contract and all matters or issues will be governed by the state of Virginia. You agree any legal actions made as a result of these terms will be filed in the state or federal courts of Fauqier County in the state of Virginia and you approve and yield to the jurisdiction of such courts for proceedings on any such actions.

These terms and conditions are effective until concluded by either party. You may terminate this agreement by destroying all materials, downloads, programs, text, photos or documents acquired from this site. The rights given to you under these terms and conditions will end immediately without prior notice from whoa-horsie.com if you fail to comply with any part of the terms or break the game rules. Following such termination you must destroy all materials, downloads, programs, text, photos or documents obtained on or through whoa-horsie.com.

II. Refunds

All goods and services offered by whoa-horsie.com are non-refundable. Damaged or broken goods can be replaced on a case by case basis. Accounts deleted, kicked, banned, or blocked are in no case eligible to receive a refund in whole or in part due to violation of game rules or these terms.

III. Third Parties

Any links found throughout the site (as posted by persons with an account on this game) does not imply endorsement, compliance of views and opinions, or affiliation by whoa-horsie.com and all associated. whoa-horsie.com is not responsible for any products, materials, services, or claims obtained through these sites. Nor can whoa-horsie.com be held accountable for any errors, information, opinions, views, products, text, or materials found on such sites.

whoa-horsie.com cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate or offensive materials found through third party sites (whether sactioned, advertised or promoted on whoa-horsie.com) so you hereby irrevocably relinquish all claims in relation to these sites. whoa-horsie.com cannot be liable for any interactions, viruses, opinions, services, or materials found on third party sites.

whoa-horsie.com cannot guarantee satisfaction or quality of any products, services, or materials acquired through third party sites. whoa-horsie.com does not support or sanction any products, materials, or services sold by these third parties, nor does whoa-horsie.com confirm the validity or accuracy of information on any materials or services found therein. whoa-horsie.com cannot guarantee security of any personal information given or collected by third party websites (credit card numbers, emails, telephone numbers, addresses) so you hereby irrevocably relinquish all claims in relation to these sites. Email addresses collected on whoa-horsie.com are never given to third parties without your consent.

IV. Restrictions On Site Materials

All site materials are the copyright whoa-horsie.com. Persons may not copy, reproduce, modify, create derived materials, print, transmit, sell, generate, assemble, or claim works as their own, except for personal or noncommercial use in reasonable numbers stored on a personal computer. Site materials may not be uploaded, displayed, or linked to via third party sites without linking back to whoa-horsie.com. Use of site materials in any unauthorized manner (advertisements, endorsements, products or goods, games, services, misrepresnetations, spoofs) is strictly forbidden without written permission of whoa-horsie.com. Misuse and/or unauthorized use of any or all site material can lead to prosecution under present state and federal laws.

V. Use Of Received Materials

By mailing, faxing, emailing, uploading, or in any other way transmitting original works to whoa-horsie.com you, or legal guardian for minors, give whoa-horsie.com an unlimited royalty-free right to use, print, adapt, modify, and create derived materials from that work. You give whoa-horsie.com the right to distribute subsequent materials from or use this work in any way (in whole or part). By submitting materials you acknowledge moral-rights and all other recognized rights worldwide.

VI. Posting Or Posted Site Content

In no event will whoa-horsie.com assume liability for any posts, pictures (and linking to pictures), html, applets, widgets, or any other materials put on the site by a person with an account on the game. Each person remains solely responsible for site content they themselves post, upload, or display. whoa-horsie.com and staff have the right to modify or delete any content posted by persons that violates these terms and conditions at any time. whoa-horsie.com reserves the right to disclose account information to legal entities and law authorities if requested in relation to copyright, trademark or infringements inquiries.

By posting to this site in message boards, game messages, chat rooms, or any other textual format you, or legal guardian for minors, give whoa-horsie.com an unlimited royalty-free right to use, print, adapt, modify, create derived materials, use in any form (in whole or part), or distribute subsequent materials. Posted materials can be used by whoa-horsie.com in any way for any purpose anytime thereafter.

VII. Contact Information

This site is run and owned by design1online.com, LLC.

PO Box 272
Bealeton, VA
United State of America

Game Administrator: admin@whoa-horsie.com
Company Email: jade@design1online.com

Fax: 1.540.439.9254

Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

This site and all materials come as is and as available, meaning whoa-horsie.com cannot guarantee the site will be uninterrupted or error free due to server or programming complications, that errors will be corrected, or that the server is free of virus or other harmful devices.

whoa-horsie.com does not warrant the use of materials or anything resulting from the use of materials in relation to their function, precision, accuracy, value, or validity on this site. The risk of using materials in respect to their functions, percision, accuracy, value, or validity lies on you. You retain all costs, including and not limited to repairs, corrections, and modifications that may occur to your software, hardware or data as a result of using whoa-horsie.com.

whoa-horsie.com and all associated (including third parties) will not be liable for damages, costs, or expenses of any kind that are a result of the use of the whoa-horsie.com or any materials found on this site. In no occasion will whoa-horsie.com have any liability to you in any claims, damages, expenses, losses, or legal actions greater then the amount paid by you for accessing this site within the year the claim is brought forth.

whoa-horsie.com cannot be held responsible for any person that voluntarily discloses his or her name, email address, or other personal information on messageboards, game messages, chat rooms, account pages, or any other part of the site. whoa-horsie.com holds no responsibility for any kind of interaction between persons on the game that could potentially or does lead to unlawful or inappropriate activities. All persons are advised to post, interact, give out personal information and play this game at their own risk. Parents and/or guardians or minors are encouraged to talk with younger persons about the dangers of giving out personal information.

None of the information collected actively from whoa-horsie.com (name, email, age, country, ip address) is given out to third parties and remains with the company through sale or merger, with exceptions as the law and these terms pertain, without a member's consent or parent/guardian's consent if the person is 13 years of age or under in compliance with the COPPA Act. Personal information collected on whoa-horsie.com is used for re-sending account password information and to uniquely identify persons who visit this site.

whoa-horsie.com uses third-party advertisements. In order to better display advertisments that may be of interest to you the third party collects information passively each time you visit this site and other sites (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number). To find out more please feel free to read this FAQ or opt out and this information will not be collected by this third party.

Parents for more information on how to talk to your children about internet safety please visit this website published by the FBI. If at any time you would like to review the personal information collected about your child, have this information removed, or stop further collection of information please contact us.